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The interactive “Nebraska Virtual Capitol” website is a resource for students and visitors of all ages, both here in Nebraska and around the world. Young and old can discover more about Nebraska; learn about the history, arts and architecture of the building that serves as the heart of our state government and the Governor’s mansion.

Nebraska Virtual Capitol Sower Video

History of the Capitol

The Nebraska State Capitol building is like no other capitol on the plains. As symbol, the Capitol rising fourteen stories above the prairie makes several statements. Those can be seen as including permanence, pride in place and satisfaction in the fact that the Capitol was designed and erected with the proceeds of the people’s vision and hard work. Importantly, it is also emblematic of the agricultural basis for our state as reflected in the statue of the Sower that graces the pinnacle of the building as well as the murals found within its walls. Finally, in busts and plaques as well as its chambers and offices the Capitol speaks to the service of Nebraskans in every area of life

The Capitol, the third to be constructed on this site was built in four phases over ten years form 1922-1932. The product was part of a nation wide design competition won by New Your Architect Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue in 1920. To complete the beautiful capitol Goodhue selected Lee Lawrie, sculpture; Hildreth Meiere, tile and mosaic designer; and Hartley Burr Alexander as thematic consultant for the inscriptions and symbolism of the building.

Nebraska State Capitol
Explore the Capitol

Take a Virtual Tour of the Capitol or Governor's Residence

The Nebraska State Capitol building is an architectural wonder and now you can visit it anytime, anywhere. Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the Nebraska State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion to see the beauty of this treasured landmark. Step inside the legislative chamber; see amazing views of the rotunda and the Sower standing majestically on the dome – without ever setting foot in the building.

For educators, there are links to a curriculum website with lesson plans and other resources for teachers designing Nebraska studies and art lessons to use in their classrooms. The “Nebraska Virtual Capitol” curriculum is targeted to K-12 students, with an emphasis on fourth graders who are studying Nebraska history, and is a resource for students who cannot visit the buildings due to distance or cost.